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Equal Business Park
project sold
Cracow, Poland
Project in numbers
60 659 sqm
total office space in the complex
7 907 sqm
building A - office space
18 537 sqm
building B - office space
22 842 sqm
building C - office space
11 373 sqm
building D - office space
storeys + underground
parking spaces

Wielicka Street, Kraków

Building A was built on a polygonal plan, the longer side of which runs parallel to the main street. The facility consists of 6 floors above ground and an underground garage. The entrance ramp to the garage divides it into two segments – north and south. The way of developing the area around the building refers to traditional urban buildings. A representative entrance courtyard and arcades around commercial and service areas have been established on the ground floor.

Building B, built on a polygonal plan, and its glass facade based on the “double skin” technology is a consistent continuation of the aesthetics of the first stage of the complex. The facility consists of 6 floors above ground and an underground garage. The premises on the ground floor have been withdrawn in relation to the upper floors, which allowed the creation of arcades that break the body of the building and increase the aesthetic and functional values ​​of the building.

Building C was built on a polygon plan and consists of 4 interconnected different solids. The highest of them has 6, while the lower – 4 floors above ground. The main entrance to the building, from the access street, emphasizes the lateral undercut of the front facade based on the ‘double skin’ technology. The structure of the building allowed the separation of 3 semi-open courtyards. Their space is filled with elements of small architecture and green areas. The courtyards are separated from the street by vertical climbers stretched on steel ropes, which creates the effect of a natural green facade. In addition, not too deep arcades run along the sides of the building.

The six-storey building D will provide over 11,000 sq m high-quality work surfaces. The design of the glass facade of the building based on the “double skin” technology will be a natural continuation of the aesthetics of the entire complex. The front facade plane, from ul. Wielicka, will ‘break’ the inner half courtyard. Its exact form will be determined by a cascading terrace layout accessible directly from the office space. This architectural solution will further emphasize the location of the main entrance to the building. Additional relaxation zones will be provided by triangular balconies on the west side of the building.

Building users have access to comfortable A-class office space and numerous and diverse services present in the complex: a canteen, bookshop, kindergarten, beauty salon, cafe, shop and green areas enriched with small architecture and art.

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